Sunny Side Early Learning Center for Infants in Delaware

Give your child an excellent start to their educational journey with Sunny Side Learning Center and our Infant Program, designed for children aged eight weeks through 12 months.

Offered through our child care center in Christiana, DE, this combination of preschool and early childhood education is perfect for setting your little boy or girl up for success. Learn more about what you can expect from our nurturing, caring center and enroll with us today!

Educational Child Care Center for Infants

The infant-centered program from Sunny Side Learning Center is all about making sure your young child feels safe and secure in a loving, educational environment. Our mission as an early childhood education and daycare center is to remain focused on teaching and putting our nearly 20 years of experience to work for your family. We are committed to keeping a smaller ratio of adults to kids, which is why up to four infants are assigned to each classroom with consistent caregivers.

What Makes Sunny Side Early Learning Center Different

Sunny Side Learning Center is all about creating a personalized, individualized experience for each of the young children in our care. Your child’s experience in our Infant Program will be tailored to his or her own developmental needs. Our pre-kindergarten child care center also utilizes the Fun Shine Express curriculum®, which is a researched-based approach to establishing daily routines and providing education.

What Parents Can Expect from Sunny Side 

Delaware parents can expect our infant caregivers to give their children the necessary love and attention that is absolutely critical at this young age. It is important for our child care center to establish a trusting relationship between educators and children early on. After each day in our facility, you can expect a detailed report of your child’s day so you always stay informed on how your little boy or girl is progressing. 

Trust Our Early Child Care Center in Christiana

Sunny Side Learning Center is here to help your child thrive from the time he or she is first introduced to education through their pre-kindergarten and elementary school years. Contact us to learn more about what our organization is all about!