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Letter for Parents from Executive Director

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in Sunny Side Learning Center. As parents you know that nothing is more important than enrolling your child in a childcare center that you can trust and makes your child happy.

Sunny Side Learning Center has been nurturing infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners since 2006. We strive to ensure your child’s safety in our clean, spacious, and fun atmosphere. Our age-appropriate classes will give your child properly focused care that inspires your child to learn and develop socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Along with learning in our licensed centers, children can enjoy playtime indoors and outdoors. These areas are designed specifically to stimulate your child’s imagination through exploration and the activities provided.

Our education programs and activities are designed with your child’s needs in mind. Our infants and toddlers are captivated by our sensory awareness and hands-on educational approach. Sunny Side Learning Preschool and Kindergarten get acquainted with computer, learning, science, art, language arts, and math through a fun filled, learning based curriculum.

Sunny Side Learning Centers are licensed by Delaware Child Care License. We participate in the Delaware STARS Quality Rating. We have earned our Star ratings by meeting researched based standards for staff education and professional development, the early learning environment, partnerships with families and communities, leadership, and management. Most of our teachers are college graduates in early childhood/elementary education, are certified, and teach with trained assistants. Our monthly in-service programs keep our staff up to date on the latest early childhood education techniques.

We look forward to building a valuable relationship with you and your child. We invite you to “get-to-know- us” and visit us anytime. Sunny Side Learning is ready to provide your child with love, learning, and lots of fun.

Yours truly, Executive Director of Sunny Side Learning Center

Our Center Offers

  • Our Building
  • Center Classrooms
  • Parents
  • Our center has a posted license and permits.
  • Security/Monitoring Cameras in classrooms, hallways, and outside
  • We have an Electronic Entry System into the building.
  •  Neat, clean, and kid friendly decorated with child furniture
  •  Indoor Play in each classroom
  • Outdoor playground, fenced, and separated by ages
  •  Nutritious Meals are provided
  •  Bathrooms with “child sized” commodes and sinks for reach for handwashing
  •  Posted Class schedule, Class curriculum, Center Menu is located outside the classroom.
  •  Each classroom is well-stocked with equipment such as blocks, Books, games, toys, and creative art materials
  •  Classrooms have Tablets and Computers equipped with age-appropriate software to teach children technology.
  •  Are teachers are certified in CPR/First Aid and Medication certified
  •  Our teachers are encouraging and praise children
  •  Our teachers allow creative and freedom for play and art
  •  Our teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Parent ideas are welcomed, and we encourage parents and families to to be involved.
  •  Suggestion box is located in the lobby for parent suggestions.
  •  Are encouraged to visit the classroom and observe the program while your child is participating.
  •  Provided with information on a regular basis about your child’s activities and progress.
  •  Parents are informed of accidents and unusual incidents.

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